Turkey Tail Mushroom

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If having a happy gut is your happy place, then look to Turkey Tail as your mushroom of choice for a troubled tummy! read more

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Product overview

Gaia Herbs Turkey Tail Mushroom is nature’s answer for a long and happy life by supporting peak a performing immune system and contented and comfortable digestive function. It has a long history of traditional use in Asian cultures where it was used to enhance longevity and enlightenment, but also happens to be one of the most well-researched functional mushrooms today known for its supporting role in gut and immune health.

  • Each 400 mg capsule is equivalent to 2.5g of dry mushroom providing potent support with only 1 capsule a day
  • Supports healthy digestive and liver function, with a cleansing effect on the system
  • Antioxidant packed with prebiotic beta-glucan polysaccharides known to support immune health
  • Contains only mushroom fruiting body, no fillers, starch, grains or mycelium
An established tradition of immune support

Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) mushroom is native to the continents of Europe, Asia and North America, where it thrives on fallen logs in mixed hardwood deciduous forests. Whilst abundant and edible, it’s not particularly palatable due to the tough outer texture of the fruiting body (the visible, harvested part of the mushroom). Turkey Tail has held a prized position in the traditional health systems of China and Native American herbalism, and is now also one of the most well-researched of the functional mushrooms known for its gut and immune supporting health properties. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Turkey Tail is known as Yun Zhi and was most often brewed as a tea to clear dampness, support energy, respond to microbial threats, and nurture immune via the lungs, gut and spleen.

Look to your gut to support immune health

The healthy functioning of the gut is critical for supporting optimal immune health as over 70% of the body’s immune cells are located within the digestive system. The fruiting body of Turkey Tails contain a wealth of phytonutrients including antioxidants and polysaccharides called beta-glucans that are well studied for their support of immune health and overall wellness. These properties support normal, healthy cell growth and turnover, as well as providing support against various intrinsic and environmental factors that can promote cellular damage. The two most researched polysaccharides found in Turkey Tail are PSK (polysaccharide K) and PSP (polysaccharide peptide) which support immune health via immune supporting cells, including the white blood cells natural killer cells and T cells. These polysaccharide substances also support gut health acting as nourishing prebiotics to support a healthy microbiome and in turn healthy digestive, liver and immune function.

About Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs is the world’s first herbal formula manufacturer to give you traceable proof of the purity, integrity, and potency of your herbs. Using certified organic raw ingredients and cultivating herbs with care and intent allows Gaia to bring you the best formulas possible.


Organic Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) fruiting body extracts 400 mg (Beta Glucans 135mg). Other ingredients: vegan capsule (organic pullulan).

Does not contain: Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn, Peanuts, Shellfish, Sugar, Tree Nuts, Yeast

Suggested Use

Recommended intake:

Adults: Take 1 capsule once daily. Benefits build over time.

  • Not to be used during pregnancy or lactation.
  • If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your healthcare practitioner before use.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner.
  • Natural separation may occur; this does not affect product quality.


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