Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Hi there! We’re so excited that you’re interested in learning more about our products and affiliate program. Please read the terms below carefully and reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.


Anyone with a health and wellness website, blog or social media platform is welcome to apply for an affiliate position. Please ensure all your details on the submission form are accurate and complete. Your application will be reviewed by a TheraStore team member, and you will be contacted via email if you are a successful applicant.


As a TheraStore affiliate, you can offer your audience a discount of $10 per order with a minimum spend of $50 via a personalised coupon code.

This coupon code can only be used in conjunction with other selected coupons and excludes books and gift cards. The coupon codes can only be shared via organic mediums including organic posts, blogs, emails etc.

For every referral/sale made using your coupon code, you will receive 10% commission after all discounts have been applied.

The more you share, the more you will earn! We will make sure to support you by providing you with a library of creative assets and re-sharing your social media posts, blogs or links where appropriate. Please note, if a refund is processed, you will not receive commission on that amount. You will not receive commission if the order is for yourself. Commission is paid out by the 10th of each month to your bank account.


Please promote TheraStore using your own identity e.g. your blog, company or social handle, not as the TheraStore brand. We do not allow affiliates to advertise and promote TheraStore as their own brand. If we believe any content violates this term (or for other appropriate reasons), TheraStore reserves the right to request removal of this content, suspend your affiliate account and/or choose to not pay any unpaid commission.

We require that you use banners, images and logos approved by TheraStore while promoting TheraStore on social platforms, emails, blogs, or anywhere that you re-share and upload TheraStore related content. Creative assets approved by TheraStore can be found in the Creative assets folder under Media room and this will also be sent in your welcome email. You are welcome to use other images that resonate with your audience; however, we can ask you to remove this content if TheraStore does not approve.

We want this partnership to be exciting for you while you learn and pave your way to success. Sharing your personal story and why you believe in TheraStore’s mission to deliver the most premium natural health supplements supported by the best educational resources is a great start. Find products that work for you, educate yourself with our library of resources and share your genuine health journey with your audience – it’s truly a rewarding and fun experience!


As you become a part of the TheraStore team, you join a family of natural health lovers and wellness professionals on a mission to educate and support each person’s individual health journey, and we’re here to support you with the same. Please feel free to reach out to us if you require any support to help you promote TheraStore. Just email Ash, TheraStore’s Digital Marketing Executive at [email protected] and she will be thrilled to help you. It’s free to ask for help, and we want to support you in any way we can!

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