Bee Propolis is the best gift from the honeybees to your health!

Natura Nectar


NaturaNectar™ specialises in making functional products from bee propolis sourced from Brazil. This innovative company has 30+ years of perfecting the most advanced standardised propolis extracts. NaturaNectar’s mission is to support and activate wellness naturally through their commitment to developing trusted, science-based, doctor-formulated products while being socially and environmentally responsible.


Propolis means (pro = before) + (polis = city). It is a glue-like substance made by bees from the sap of various plant life to seal and protect the beehive from germs. Just as propolis acts as the hive’s protective shield, it can protect our bodies from many of today’s environmental threats and should be one of the first and foremost important items on your daily supplement list.

Did you know that there are many different types of propolis? Brazil’s phenomenal bio-diversity means that just like there are different types of bees, there are different types of bee propolis! Exclusive from NaturaNectar and found on every product, “My Wellness Zone” highlights the “systems” and “cells” of the human body supported by each type of propolis.


NaturaNectar’s exclusive Green Extraction™ uses no harsh chemicals, delivers extracts with high yield of the essential natural compounds, and eliminates impurities and beeswax for a safer use. Using only 100% premium Brazilian propolis, it can take up to 10 kg of raw propolis to produce 1 kg of their exclusive and standardised extracts, which ensures that you are getting some of the most high-quality, pure propolis products in the world. Most of this amazing product line is suitable for everyone, including children and seniors!

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