Transforming Krodha


The Yogi's guide to finding balance in the body, emotions, intellect and feelings. read more

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Product overview

Transforming Krodha (anger) explores the many expressions of anger from impatience to aggression. Krodha is a reaction of mind or a threat. As a condition of mind krodha is based on unfulfilled desire and ambition. This destructive force needs to be transformed in the life of an individual, in society and the environment to experience positivity and creativity in all spheres. Practical sadhanas are given to manage any form of anger in our day to day life.

The six conditions of the mind are kama, desire; krodha, anger; lobha, greed; mada, arrogance; moha, infatuation; and matsarya, envy or jealousy. These conditions prevent the free flow of positive emotion and your expression of the best human qualities. The six conditions of the mind are responsible for disconnecting you from your peace, joy and inner luminosity and they have to be confronted if you wish to experience your spiritual nature.

Topics include
  • Yoga Vidya
  • Lifestyle Yama and Niyama
  • Identifying Krodha
  • Krodha and the Gunas
  • Transforming Krodha through Ahimsa
About the author

The writer of this book, Swami Ratnashakti Saraswati is from New Zealand, but has been a resident at Bihar School of Yoga since 2002.


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